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Insurance for fast food delivery drivers

Since the corona virus epidemic the number of delivery drivers bringing hot food has increased dramatically. At the same time a number of business have grown selling part-prepared food, with ingredients delivered direct to homes for the people to cook themselves. Result; good food with no wastage!

Unfortunately many of these delivery drivers have not realised that they need special insurance for delivering food. They have assumed that because their cars, vans, motorbikes and scooters that they use for their deliveries are covered under their usual car insurance policy; but they are wrong.

A normal basic vehicle insurance policy usually covers a driver for social, domestic and pleasure purposes; in other words non-business travel of any kind. Some also have commuting added as an extra; but this only insures a driver for travelling to a single, regular place of work.

Even insuring a car for business use isn't enough; business vehicle insurance is meant for business people travelling to see clients at different locations, but not for deliveries.

Why is fast food delivery more expensive than normal car van or bike insurance?

Simple really. There is more risk of accidents when a driver has to make multiple deliveries to addresses that he or she may not be familiar with; sometimes in busy traffic, and in all weathers. Often there is a temptation to rush to get deliveries finished whilst food is still hot, and fresh.

What is the penalty for delivering food without the right insurance?

In this case the delivery driver would not be insured. Having an accident would result in the insurance company having a reason to refuse to pay out on a claim. In addition the delivery driver could face large fines and about six driving licence penalty points.

Specialist food delivery insurance is essential for anyone delivering food of any sort to different addresses, whether that is hot or just the basic uncooked ingredients.

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